What You Get In Our CRM?

As a small business, or a distributor, you can’t randomly keep allotting resources and time to experiments, you need to know what’s driving conversions. Here’s how Engage CRM SALES AND MARKETING solution can help:

Funnel Management

Track every marketing lead, monitor every interaction, and record every customer insight in one place to enable easy funnel management. Through progress reports on marketing effectiveness, sales productivity, and individual performance, you’ll always know which part of your sales funnel needs additional help, and where your team is excelling.

Transactional Sales Analysis

Record the success of each marketing and sales campaign, the efficiency of each resource person by knowing the deal value and conversion cost for each customer you bring in. With data to back your conversions, you’ll always know what works and where you can put in more effort to drive better results.

Territory Coverage Tracking

Allot territory based goals and allocate accounts for each territory to drive healthy competition within your team and to understand customer behavior based on geography. With accounts monitored territory-wise, you can assign resources more efficiently and quickly based on the needs of each region.

Forecasting Upselling Opportunities

Utilize data to know opportunities where you can drive faster, high-value conversions at lesser costs. Through insights that predict sales opportunities at different levels of your funnel, or at different territories in your customer base, you can plan more goal-driven marketing campaigns and activities.

Other CRM Features. Exclusively For Small Businesses.

  • Lead Life Cycle

  • Campaign Management

  • Lead Generation Management

  • Cross-Selling Insights

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