Imagine you bought a new heavy-load, best-in-class washing machine built with the latest technology. You’re extremely happy with the purchase and know that you got a good deal. However, before you can get to use the product, there’s a week-long wait–for the machine to install.

Once installed, you’re pacified soon because the product is great. However, 6 months down the line, you face some issues with the drainage. After spending hours to reach their customer support, they figure that you’d probably need a washer replacement and assign a field agent. After waiting for ten long days, you finally have the agent at your doorstep. He diagnoses the issue and deduces that you need a washer replacement. Wait–he doesn’t have it on him. Did the customer support team inform him? The visit is futile and it is only another 15 days later that your machine is fixed.

Even though you were happy with the product–you decide to switch. It wasn’t just worth the frustration.

Sounds plausible, right? As a distributor, you wouldn’t want your customers to go through a similar ordeal, would you? To save them the nightmare, you should leverage the power of the service operations management tool.

Before you dismiss this article as something that only concerns ‘the big companies’–and not distributors such as yourself, hear us out. You may be thinking that such tools are very complicated to use, and often too expensive to afford. That’s where we come into the picture.

Service Operations Management Tool by EngageCRM Pro helps you do that–with simplicity and at an affordable price.


Introducing Service Operations Management Tool by EngageCRM Pro

As a distributor, you don’t have the luxury of having unlimited tools, resources, or even replacement parts at your disposal. So, you have to make sure that you’re using all resources and personnel that you have in the most optimized manner possible.

Service Operations Management Tool by EngageCRM Pro takes care of it all–in an automated manner.

Installation Requests

First and foremost, it automatically generates an installation request with each purchase. You can quickly assign personnel and ensure that the service is completed at the earliest–no unnecessary waiting for the customer.

Issue Management

If there’s an issue that your customer faces with the product, they can reach out to your customer support team, which would then use the tool to not only to record their complaint but also escalate the issue with the right team, notify them and get it resolved. With the complaint and its progress monitored in a single place, every concerned personnel is up-to-date regarding the advancement and resolution of the issue.

Asset Management

Another key aspect that comes into the picture with service management, especially for distributors is managing resources and tools. You don’t want a service visit without the washer, right! So, with each request, comes entitlement management which maps the resources required for each service to the personnel assigned to it. This ensures your agent has all the tools they need to deliver an adequate service.

Service History Record

Lastly, for products that involve a maintenance contract, you also need to keep track of the service history–our tool is there for that too. Each service, its details are recorded on the platform. Not just that, it keeps track of all upcoming maintenance and service requirements so that you can schedule requests and manage your team accordingly.

And More

That’s not all. With advanced features, the tool also helps you map requests to engineer skills, so that you can assign the best person for the job. Additionally, you also have a productivity and efficiency monitor that helps you find the shortcomings in your processes and improve them. Not to mention, you can also expand the tool and integrate it with our CRM, Sales, ERP, and other tools to get a complete business management solution.


That brings us to the final question–what would you gain?


What’s in it for you–Benefits of Service Operations Management Tool

Aside from the obvious that using a tool makes your process more efficient and easy to manage, here are 3 reasons why investing it in would be quite beneficial for your business.

Reduced Costs

With optimum utilization of resources, faster issue resolutions, you cut on waste and additional costs. You’re able to identify issues that would have gone unnoticed if not monitored on an end-to-end platform.

Through the Service Operations Management Tool, you get regular automated asset service reports. Through these, you can identify which assets are performing better, and which are least valuable. This would allow you in cutting redundancies.

Satisfied Customers

In the present times, your customer is your biggest asset and your biggest foe–it is completely upon you on what you want them to be. With adequate service management, your customers feel heard and cared for. They know that you value their presence and thereby stay loyal to you.

That’s not all. Once you build the right relationship, your customers become your greatest ally. They become your brand ambassadors and promote your services and products–with no marketing costs.

Better Image

In any industry, you are not alone. You always have enough competitors to push your limits and challenge your market share. Now, it is easy to have two products with the same features, same engineering, and made of the same raw material. However, your service experience is your own. That cannot be taken away?

Even if two companies offer the same services, the way they conduct and manage those services changes everything. So, with the right service management tool and the right team, you get to stand out in the market. They become your key differentiator and build your brand image like nothing else ever can.


Wrapping it up

There’s no denying that any business today, needs the assistance of software to handle their service operations better, even distributors. So, if you’re convinced that you want to manage your service operations in the best way possible and are looking for a tool, your search ends here.

Instead of going for a standard tool that may not suit well to your requirements, use one specially built for distributors like you–Engage CRM Pro. With the experience of working with distributors for over 30 years, we know what features and metrics matter to you the most, and we offer just that. Explore Engage CRM Pro today!