How Our Service Operations Management Software Can Help?

Not every customer issue can be resolved virtually. Many require on-field jobs to be carried out. However, ensuring that your field techies are assigned on the right task, allotted the right tools and resources to accomplish that task, and deliver the best service experience to your customers can be difficult. Here’s how Engage Service Operations Management Software can help:

Systematic Installation Service Handling

Auto-generate installation service requests at every product purchase, to manage service pipelines, allocate service personnel, and resource on time so that you can ensure that your new customer is extremely satisfied with your service operations.

Escalation Management

A troubled customer can cost you a lot if not managed well. Ensure that every issue that is logged in is escalated to the concerned party and resolved at the earliest to ensure that your customer does not decide to jump ships and try your competitor’s product.

Entitlement Management

Your field personnel is helpless without the right resources and instruments to complete their service operations. Keep track of what instruments and resources are required for each service to that it is assigned to the adequate field techie on it.

Visibility of Instrument Service History

Track each service for every product, record service updates so that the next service is more informed and timely. Through complete instrument service history, you can plan ahead, and know upcoming service requirements, well in advance.

There’s More. Other Features Of Our Service Operations Management Software.

  • Productivity and Utilisation Reporting

  • Key Account Management (Action Tracker)

  • Engineer Competencies Monitor

  • Interface to Sales, Procurement, and Accounts

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