What You Get Through Our PROJECTS Software?

If you have a plant to set up, or a project to build–how do you ensure that you find the cheapest vendors, but with quality products, and ensure timely delivery and execution too? We understand that it’s a lot to manage. Here’s how Engage PROJECTS can help:

Recording Project Quotation and Financial Summary

Use our database to get quotes and financial summary from multiple project vendors to understand the project expenses at glance and choose the vendors that suit you the best. Through our detailed analysis, you’ll always find the most affordable solution to build your project.

Project Baselining

Get an overview of the project schedule, cost, and scope with a comprehensive baseline report. With clear demarcation of project milestones and budget allocation, you’ll always know the next development to expect in your project.

Real-time Project Execution Monitoring

Always stay informed on the progress of your project with real-time execution and development tracking. When you’re informed of the project’s growth at each step, there’s no scope for surprises in terms of delays.

Complete Financial Tracking

Every penny counts and we know that. Track every cent that of expenditure on the project to know whether your money is utilized on the right resources and to stay abreast of all your finances.

That Not All. Through Engage PROJECTS You Also Get

  • Project Lead Management

  • Resource Tracking

  • Real-Time Cash Flow Reporting

  • Project Customer Satisfaction Management

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